Which Insects Are A Problem In Winter?

Did you know that insects are a problem in winter? Yes, believe it or not insects can be an issue when it gets colder. You see, most insects go away during winter. The majority of them lay their eggs and then die off. Other insects go into a kind of hibernation and then reemerge once it warms up. That being said, not all insects do this, and many can become a problem in winter.

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A warm home attracts unwanted residents

Insects are a problem in winter for one very good reason: your house is warm. What this ultimately means is that insects can survive the cold. They do not have to go into hibernation. It also means they can carry on multiplying as usual.

Be that as it may, not all insects are a problem in winter. Many die no matter how warm it is. On the other hand, there are some that can become more of a problem. A good example of this are cockroaches. These pests thrive in warm weather. Because your house is heated during winter, it provides them with the perfect conditions for breeding. In fact, it’s almost as if your home is an incubator that allows them to breed at an increased pace. They can breed faster and quickly become a nuisance.

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Something else you have to worry about are queen wasps. Many wasps die once winter arrives. All that survives of the hive is the queen wasp. The queen seeks shelter and then waits until summer to begin breeding again. This can be an enormous problem for homeowners. Basically, the queen will build the nest near to where she shelters. What this means is that they may decide to build her nest near, or even inside of your home. Obviously, this is something you’ll want to avoid.

How can you prevent winter pests?

Ants can also become a problem during winter. Ordinarily these pests store up food and hide deep in the earth to escape the cold. Instead of doing this, these kitchen pests may find their way into your home. Coming inside provides them with warm and a supply of food, meaning their numbers can increase phenomenally.

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At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which insect is giving you grief. Just remember that these insects do not go away as is commonly thought and you may need 24 hour pest control. Insects are a problem during winter, and this means you must take precautions. The best way to do this is by pest proofing your home and keeping it clean. As long as you do this, your home will not be attractive to insects.


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