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Mice are a big issue for both residential Surrey properties and businesses alike. These vermin can reproduce at an incredible speed. Once mice find their way onto your property their numbers will rapidly increase. This means you can quickly have a serious problem on your hands.

Mice which infest a property cause huge amounts of damage and devastation. The first way that this happens is through the mice building nests. These vermin will literally tear apart your home in search of building materials. They can chew through literally anything including any material made out of wood, paper, cardboard or cloth.

Another issue with mice is that they need large amounts of food to survive. These pests will quickly lay waste to your pantry. Anyone who has woken up to find food packaging torn apart will already know this. What this also means is that mice can become a huge problem for restaurant owners.

We solve commercial mouse problems

Like when you have rat problems, mice will devastate your food stocks in no time at all. Any food which mice get into is technically contaminated and must be thrown away. This means lost profits. Mice also spread disease and this is something that restaurant owners must be aware of.

What you should also understand about mice is that they urinate and defecate at a prodigious rate. Mice produce hundreds of droppings per day, and when you have dozens of mice on your property, this rapidly accumulates. These pests are also incontinent and urinate absolutely everywhere. It’s not a pretty picture and someone will have to clean their messes up. This is why it’s critically important that mouse infestations are dealt with as fast as possible.

Implementing effective mouse control in your home

Our team can provide you with the most effective mice control known to man. We employ a wide range of techniques for dealing with these creatures. To start with we can set traps on your property. Modern bait traps are highly effective when it comes to capturing mice. The advantage of these traps is that they are sealed. The mice enter and cannot exit. This also means that your children, pets, or customers are protected against the poisons inside these traps.

We can also help you with physical removal of mice. Our team will go in, locate the mice, and remove them from the property. We will then lay poisons and chemicals which deter the mice and prevent them from returning. Finally, we can assist you with pest proofing. This way mice have no way to enter onto your home or business, and will no longer be a problem.

For people who are concerned about the environment, we also offer humane and eco-friendly mice control. We have ways of incapacitating the mice and removing them from your property. These animals are then released into the wild and are not harmed.

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If mice are causing you to tear your hair out, then contact us today. There’s no reason why you should have to put up with this problem. Remember, mice are a huge nuisance and cause widespread damage. They also create enormous amounts of filth. You don’t have to deal with this issue for any length of time. Our team is standing by to help. We can eliminate your infestation in days or even hours from your call. Get in touch with us now for the fastest mice control in Surrey.