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To the untrained eye, squirrels seem completely harmless. These creatures are not generally considered pests. Most people think of them as wild animals. They enjoy the sight of squirrels in their garden and have no problem with these creatures.

But what you have to understand is that squirrels are actually rodents. This means they are exactly the same as mice or rats. And like these pests, they can become an incredible nuisance. You see, in most cases squirrels will stick to your garden. They live in your trees and feed on whatever they can find.

This may change at any time. For example, when there are too many squirrels for your garden to support. When this happens, squirrels will quickly make their way into your home. Their most common target is your attic and roof. This usually happens because squirrels live in trees. When there are tree branches overhanging your roof, the squirrels will drop down and enter into your attic.

Why are squirrels so destructive?

To start with, squirrels build large nests out of twigs, leaves, and sticks. They also harvest bits of your roof when building their nests. Over time this may cause extensive damage to your attic, roof and home. Also remember that squirrels are technically classed as rodents. This means they have to constantly gnaw to keep their incisors filed down in the same way as to rodents like rats. Squirrels have been known to gnaw through things like roof beams, shingles, and anything stored in your attic. This can be a tremendous nuisance and lead to costly damage.

Like mice and rats, squirrels also defecate all over the place. Squirrels who are living in your attic can cause a tremendous mess. Their urine and droppings must eventually be cleaned up and will stain the floor of your attic.

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Another problem with squirrels is that they often begin to raid your kitchen. These pests quickly figure out that there is food in the home, and that they no longer need to forage outside. When this happens the squirrels will make their way to your kitchen and steal anything that isn’t bolted down.

Finally, squirrels that are living in your attic can be incredibly irritating. These animals are usually active after dark. They can keep you up all night with their shrieking, scurrying, and scampering. Squirrels will also fight each other for dominance, and this creates a huge racket. You will have many a sleepless night when there are squirrels living in your attic.

What to do about squirrels in your property

If you have squirrels the first thing you need to do is start maintaining your garden. Squirrels love to live in wild and overgrown gardens. You should trim all bushes and trees. As we’ve mentioned, squirrels use overhanging tree branches to get onto your roof. These should be trimmed back immediately. This is true for both homes and commercial pest problems.

It’s also important that you seal up your roof and attic. All cracks, holes, and entryways should be closed up with wire mesh. Do not provide an entrance point where squirrels can get into your attic. You should also routinely check your attic for squirrels. Many people never go into their roof or attic, and this can lead to squirrel infestations. Go up there and check at least once a month. We can also help you with this problem. If you’re dealing with a squirrel infestation then help is at hand. Feel free to contact us today for squirrel removal and prevention.