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Rodents are by far the most common pest control issue in the UK. There are millions of rodents living on this island and fighting them is a never ending battle. That being said, the fight isn’t hopeless. Our team provides rodent control in Surrey which actually works. Whether you’re dealing with rats, mice, or squirrels, our team will end these problems once and for all.

We use some of the most sophisticated rodent control technology currently available. These range from traps to strong poisons. Our team is highly proficient when it comes to tracking down and eliminating rodents. Let us get to work today on solving your problem.

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Another benefit of hiring our company is that we’ll make sure the rodents don’t return. To make this a reality our team will seal up and pest proof your property. For example, did you know that mice can squeeze through holes the size of a pencil? While this may sound hard to believe it’s true. To prevent this from happening, we go over your property with a fine tooth comb. We examine the outer perimeter and make sure there is no way these pests can get into your home. Finally, we can also provide consulting services, and advise you on how to keep rodents away for good.

For many people rodents may seem like a minor issue. You may spot one or two mice and think nothing of it. Or maybe you’re hearing strange noises in your attic, but aren’t bothered to solve the problem. Unfortunately, this is a naïve way to approach this issue.

Why rodent control in Surrey is so important

What you must understand is that there is no such thing as one or two rodents. Where there are one or two, there are likely to be dozens more. And in some cases there could be hundreds. These pests also breed at a furious speed and one or two rodents will soon turn into a serious infestation.

This can have dire consequences for your home or business. The biggest problem with rodents is that they must constantly gnaw. This is because their teeth never stop growing. The rodents are forced to chew in order to keep their teeth filed down. But what this also means that these pests are highly destructive. Their teeth are razor sharp and allow them to eat through wood, concrete, and even metal. Over time this causes serious damage to your property.

Remedy the situation with professional rodent control

We’ve seen entire houses torn apart by rodents. This property damage can run into the hundreds of thousands. Another problem with rodents is that they spread dozens of diseases. By having these vermin on your property you run the risk of being infected with one of these diseases. While this may seem like a lot to take in, the situation isn’t hopeless. With the help of our technicians these pests can be eliminated almost overnight.

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Our team can also help you with eco-friendly rodent control. What many people forget is that rodents are also animals. Just because they are classed as pests. If you feel this way then contact us now. We can assist you with pest control which does not cause undue suffering. Call us today for professional rodent control that will solve your problem long term.