Is Pest Control Safe Around Babies?

pest control safe babies

Many people are concerned about the safety of pest control. This is easy to understand. We use toxic chemicals and pesticides when killing pests, and these can also harm humans. If you’re someone with small children, you may be worried about this.

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Are Rats a Risk to Your Business?

a rat outdoors in surrey

Rats are a serious problem for many businesses. In fact, according to experts, these pests cause more than a billion pounds of damage per year. This takes the form of damaged stock and property. But are rats a risk to your business and if so, what can you do about this?

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Beware of Unregistered Pest Controllers

unregistered pest controllers

There are many important considerations to make when hiring a pest technician. These include things like their rates, availability, whether they have insurance and so forth. Something else you have to think about is this: are you hiring a registered pest controller?

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These Pest Allergies Can Affect Your Health

Ant Control by Pest Exterminator Essex

Pests are responsible for a multitude of issues. They cause damage, spread disease, and also harm your peace of mind. What many people also fail to realise is that pests can trigger allergies. If you’re someone who suffers from pest allergies, then what do you need to know about this problem?

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Why Summer Pest Control Is Vital

summer pest control

There’s nothing quite like the glorious English summer, is there? It’s a time for kicking back and enjoying evening meals outside, as well as picnics and barbecues with friends. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. The reason why is because summer is also a time for pests. This is when their eggs hatch and they come out of harass people and make their lives a misery.

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Can Heat Treat Fleas In The House?

fleas in the house

Believe it or not, fleas in the house can become a major hassle. Yes, fleas are most often associated with our pets, but they also affect humans. And while flea bites are highly irritating, they are also dangerous. This is because fleas are capable of spreading all manner of diseases.

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How Do Professionals Get Rid Of Mice?

get rid of mice

Mice are one of the most well-known pests. There are millions of these animals in houses across the UK, meaning you’ll probably have to deal with them at some time. That being said, removing these pests isn’t that difficult. Pest controllers have it down to a finely honed science. That being said, how do exterminators get rid of mice?

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Why Do Bees Need Protection?

bee on flower

Our company is often contacted by irate homeowners with bee problems. These homeowners want the nest removed or destroyed and need our help. In most cases we do not respond to these calls. But why is this? The reason why is quite simple: bees need protection not extermination.

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Disposing Of A Bed Bug Infested Mattress

bed bug infested mattress

There are a variety of solutions for dealing with a bed bug infested mattress. For example, you can have it fumigated or treated with heat. The problem is, that not everyone wants to do this. It may also simply be that you’d rather buy a new mattress.

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Expert Moth Control Vs. Do It Yourself

heat treatment for moths

While moths are not considered as dangerous pests, they can be a nuisance. Anyone who has discovered holes in their clothing will know this. But here’s the real question. At what point should you consider getting expert moth control? Is this something you can handle yourself or should you get expert advice  

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