Does Heat Treatment Work For Carpet Fleas?

rug carpet

Carpet fleas can be a serious headache for any homeowner. Not only are these pests highly irritating, but they can also spread deadly diseases. Even worse, these pests are extremely difficult to get rid of. This is mostly because of their small size, but also because they leap from room to room. That being said, they’re actually quite easy to get rid of using heat treatments administered by a professional.

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The Importance Of Annual Pest Inspections


Unfortunately, most businesses only hire pest controllers once the problem is out of hand. It’s only when they suffer a major infestation that they do something about their pests. This is obviously the wrong way to go about pest control. After all, prevention is always better than cure.

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7 Options For Fly Control Products

glue strip

Are you plagued by an infestation of flies? Or dreading the coming of summer because you know flies will be a bother? There are many ways to solve this problem: from cleaning up your home, to covering up your rubbish.

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Food Pests That Invade Kitchens

food pests kitchen

Food pests are still a huge issue for many homeowners in the UK. Not only that, this is also a huge issue for people who run restaurants. In this article we’ll discuss the type of pests you may encounter in the kitchen. Some of the harmful kitchen food pests we find in the UK are included below.

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Ways Squirrels Damage Your Garden

squirrels damage

For most people, squirrels are a welcome sight in their garden. These animals are cute, and you may enjoy watching them run around. But what you have to understand is that squirrels often become an enormous nuisance. This is because squirrels damage many parts of your garden. In this article we will look at what areas this can include.

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Why Rats Become Immune To Poison

rat poison

Did you know that rats become immune to poison over time? This is one of the many reasons why eliminating these common invading rodent pests is so difficult. But why does this happen and what can we do about it?

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8 Myths About Urban Foxes

London city fox

Urban foxes are the subject of many myths. Here are some of things that people erroneously believe about these animals and some surprising facts.

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10 Surprising Cockroach Facts

cockroach facts

Cockroaches are honestly one of the most fascinating pests around. While these insects may seem disgusting to most people, there are many interesting things about them. For example, here are 10 almost unbelievable facts about cockroaches.

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The 3 Most Common Invading Rodents

mouse rodent

Invading rodents can become a tremendous problem for businesses and also homeowners. While all rodents can come onto properties, there are only three you really have to worry about. These are mice, rats, and squirrels. There are certain problems associated with each of these pests. Along with this there are also specific reasons why they may come onto your property.

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What’s Your New Year Pest Plan?

happy new year

The New Year is a perfect time to make changes in your business. If you’ve had a longstanding pest issues, then now is the time to take care of it. But to do this you need a plan. In this article we’re going to give you a few ideas for drawing up your pest plan.

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