The 3 Most Common Invading Rodents

mouse rodent

Invading rodents can become a tremendous problem for businesses and also homeowners. While all rodents can come onto properties, there are only three you really have to worry about. These are mice, rats, and squirrels. There are certain problems associated with each of these pests. Along with this there are also specific reasons why they may come onto your property.

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What’s Your New Year Pest Plan?

happy new year

The New Year is a perfect time to make changes in your business. If you’ve had a longstanding pest issues, then now is the time to take care of it. But to do this you need a plan. In this article we’re going to give you a few ideas for drawing up your pest plan.

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9 Surprising Myths About Mice

one mouse

Like any industry, there are many myths surrounding pest control. These myths usually centre around the pests themselves and have to do with their behaviour. For example, here are nine interesting myths about mice.

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Which Insects Are A Problem In Winter?

winter insect

Did you know that insects are a problem in winter? Yes, believe it or not insects can be an issue when it gets colder. You see, most insects go away during winter. The majority of them lay their eggs and then die off. Other insects go into a kind of hibernation and then reemerge once it warms up. That being said, not all insects do this, and many can become a problem in winter.

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Why Moths Attack Carpet And What To Do

rolled rug

When people think of the damage caused by moths, they usually think of clothing. But what you have to understand is that moths are capable of attacking many other fabrics. This happens because moths are after proteins found in naturally occurring materials. Anything made from wool, leather, fur, or even feathers, can be eaten by months. This is often why moths also eat at your carpets. But what can you do when moths attack carpet and how do you prevent this?

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How To Keep Restaurants Pest Free

restaurant cleaning

It’s critically important that you keep pests out of your restaurant. Pests can create many problems and are a risk to your business. This includes contaminating food and spreading diseases. Not only that, they can also damage the reputation of your restaurant. In this article you’ll learn how to keep restaurants pest free. Plus, what to do if you do find pests in your restaurant.

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Is Pest Control Safe Around Babies?

pest control safe babies

Many people are concerned about the safety of pest control. This is easy to understand. We use toxic chemicals and pesticides when killing pests, and these can also harm humans. If you’re someone with small children, you may be worried about this.

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Are Rats a Risk to Your Business?

a rat outdoors in surrey

Rats are a serious problem for many businesses. In fact, according to experts, these pests cause more than a billion pounds of damage per year. This takes the form of damaged stock and property. But are rats a risk to your business and if so, what can you do about this?

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Beware of Unregistered Pest Controllers

unregistered pest controllers

There are many important considerations to make when hiring a pest technician. These include things like their rates, availability, whether they have insurance and so forth. Something else you have to think about is this: are you hiring a registered pest controller?

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These Pest Allergies Can Affect Your Health

Ant Control by Pest Exterminator Essex

Pests are responsible for a multitude of issues. They cause damage, spread disease, and also harm your peace of mind. What many people also fail to realise is that pests can trigger allergies. If you’re someone who suffers from pest allergies, then what do you need to know about this problem?

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