8 Insects That Pose A Danger To Humans

Which insects are dangerous to humans? Believe it or not, pests are more than just a nuisance. In fact, pests can do more than simply damage property. Yes, here are several insects that pose a serious danger to humans.


1. Ticks

One type of pest that pose a danger are ticks. These pests are dangerous because they spread Lyme disease. It’s easy to become infected with this disease. If that happens, you’ll experience flu-like symptoms. These can include things like fever, chills, rashes, headaches, and fatigue. You may also experience muscle and joints aches, plus swollen lymph nodes. The worst thing about Lyme disease however, is that it stays in your system.

2. Bees and wasps

Everyone knows that these insects are dangerous. This is because of their nasty stings. The problem is that very few people realise how dangerous these stings can be. Did  you know that people die from bee and wasps stings? This mostly includes people who are allergic to these stings.

pests that pose a danger

3. Horseflies

Other insects that pose a danger to humans include horseflies. It’s not the bite that is dangerous. No, when these pests bite you, they often spread parasites, bacteria, and viruses.

4. Oak processionary moths

These pests are also known as hair caterpillars. There are a number of reasons why these insects are dangerous. The biggest is their bristles. These contain a toxin which can cause rashes and conjunctivitis. If inhaled, these may bristles may also cause respiratory problems.

5. Flies are insects that pose a danger

It isn’t the flies themselves that are dangerous, but the fact that they spread bacteria and diseases when they land on food. They can contaminate food and cause food poisoning. They are a bug bear for food outlets, as no one wants to sell contaminated food and which is why we use fruit fly traps to get rid of them.

cockroach facts

6. Dust mites

When looking at a list of insects that pose a danger, dust mites may seem like a curious choice. After all, these pests are practically invisible. The problem is that they can still trigger deadly allergic reactions. This happens when humans inhale dust mite particles. These particles contain urine, faeces and skin, all of which are harmful.

7. False widow spider

This is by far the most dangerous spider in England. That being said, their bites are not known to be deadly. If you’re bitten by one of these spiders you’ll deal with swelling, nausea, and chest pain. The good news is that these symptoms are short-lasting and usually go away after about a day. Another piece of good news is that they very rarely bite humans – they will usually run away.

8. Cockroaches

You may be surprised to know that cockroaches can trigger allergies, including respiratory related allergies. Apart from this, like flies, they can spread diseases. Cockroaches can pose a health threat so should be prevented at all costs.


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