Top Five Dangerous Spring Insects To Look Out For

Spring is the time for insects. This is when insects come out of hibernation, their eggs hatch, and when you may also have to deal with infestations. Not only that, did you know that certain spring insects can actually be dangerous? It’s true. In fact, here are a few that you should probably watch out for.

spring wasp

1. Dust mites

Believe it or not, the air you breathe is filled with insects which can actually damage your health. They’re called dust mites and these bugs are so small, they’re basically invisible to the naked eye. Yes, these pests are tiny enough that thousands can fit on the head of the nail. The reason why they’re dangerous is because these pests can trigger allergies, and even asthma attacks. As the name implies, they live in dust. This is why it’s important that you keep your home clean, and make sure that it’s free of all dust.

2. Ticks

These spring insects are extremely dangerous. The reason why is because they transmit Lyme’s disease. This condition is accompanied by fevers, headaches, fatigue, and even a nasty skin rash. Ticks are extremely prevalent in spring, so it’s important that you watch out for them. People mostly pick up these pests when walking outside in long grass, or through forests. The best way to avoid this is by frequently checking yourself, and wearing long trousers or socks and use 24 hour pest control if you are experiencing persistent problems.


3. Horse flies

A horsefly looks just like any other fly, expect a lot larger. These spring insects love biting humans and are also a summer pest. They also bite you in an extremely nasty way. What the fly does is cut out a piece of skin, instead of piercing it. This is why their bites hurt so much, and also why they are accompanied by a large red bump. In addition to this, you may also experience other symptoms besides pain. This can include things like rashes, dizziness, wheezing, weakness and swelling.


4. Wasps

Wasps die off at the start off winter. When spring arrives, the queen begins to produce new drones. These drones are extremely territorial and also aggressive. If you approach their nest, they will not hesitate to sting you. The big problem with this, is that wasps can sting you multiple times. What’s more, many people are allergic to their venom and you may go into anaphylactic shock. Definitely a good reason to stay away from these insects.

5. False widow spiders

Other spring insects to watch out for are false window spiders. The bite of this spider is said to be similar to that of a wasp, excect more painful. What’s more, the pain is said to last a lot longer, up to 24 hours in some cases.


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