How 24 Hour Pest Control Works

Many people are surprised that we offer 24 hour pest control. They often ask what our reasons are for doing this. After all, pest control isn’t the same as fighting crime or putting out fires, is it? As it turns out, there are dozens of reasons why businesses and homeowners may need 24 hour pest control. These include the following:

Why some people need 24 hour pest control

The first reason is also the most simple. In some cases, people simply need pest control at strange hours. This is usually when genuine emergencies occur. It might sound strange, but pests can often infest a building in a matter of minutes or hours.

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At times like these, emergency services may be needed. A good example of this is where there is a big event, launch, or conference. Many times, pests are discovered the night before, and must be removed before opening. While these situations are rare, they do happen.

Another reason why people need 24 hour pest control is because we often work after the business is closed. The fact is that most business cannot accommodate pest control during the day time. Usually this is because of the presence of customers and staff.

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Remember, pest control is an intensive practice. There may be large pieces of equipment involved and also several technicians present. What’s more, we also use things like pesticides and chemicals. Quite often we cannot have anyone around when these are being used. In fact, during things like fumigation, we often have to close off entire areas. Obviously, this cannot be done while customers or staff are around.

Why some people want 24 hour pest control

This also dovetails with another reason, which is that clients often need a discreet service. These business owners don’t want the world to see a pest control van pulling up to their front door. They are embarrassed and want to hide the fact that their business has pests. Their competition or customers could also be watching, and they don’t want these people to see them. This usually happens when the business is a high-end restaurant or boutique. In can also happen when there are pests in salons. Some business owners may also want to hide pest control from their staff.

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The benefits for us

The final reason why we offer 24 hour pest control is simply to make us more competitive. Pest control is brutally competitive industry. In places like London, there are literally hundreds of pest control companies. Round the clock service isn’t something that many people do. So in order to stay ahead of the competition, our company offers this service to customers.


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