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Wasps can be the bane of existence for many homeowners. These pests are most prevalent during Summer. It seems that as soon as it gets warmer, these insects emerge and begin to make your life a misery. Wasps have been known to ruin countless summer barbecues and outdoor dinners. In fact, you can probably recall times when you cowered in terror as a wasp buzzed around your head. Wasps can also be a problem for people who enjoy gardening. There’s nothing worse than working in your garden and dealing with wasps who think they own the place.

But what can you do about wasps? The unfortunate fact is that in most cases you’ll need professional help. Believe it or not these insects can be incredibly dangerous. Wasps are highly territorial and also extremely aggressive. What this means that you should never attempt to remove their nests by yourself.

Wasps are a potentially dangerous nuisance

Many people think it’s as simple as knocking the nest down. Others attempt to burn the nest or throw water on it. But doing this is an extremely bad idea. This is not a recommended form of insect management in this instance as it will only make the wasps angry. They will perceive it as an attack and in turn will attack you.

What this means is that the wasps will begin to swarm and this may result in painful stings. What you also need to know about wasps is that they are not like bees. While bees die after stinging, wasps are able to sting multiple times. The fact is that you could be stung dozens of times and this may have serious consequences. As well as being painful, many people are allergic to wasps. The problem is that you won’t know this until you’ve been stung and end up at the hospital. For this reason you should never try to deal with wasps yourself.

Effective wasp removal for business premises

Wasps can also be a problem for certain businesses. This is especially true if you have an outdoor eating area or beer garden. During summer, when these areas are most often used, wasps are attracted by sugary foods and drinks. They will construct a nest nearby and at that point begin to harass your customers. This will often result in complaints from angry patrons, which is something we’re sure you’d rather avoid. Wasps can become a big problem during the height of summer. In this type of situation, you may have to deal with complaints on a daily basis.

Something else you need to understand about wasps is that removing the nest often isn’t enough. Once wasps find a place to build their nests they tend to return to that area. This could be because the area is sheltered or something about it appeals to them. What this essentially means is that the wasps will return to the same spot the following summer.

Contact Pest Exterminators Surrey for expert help

If you’re suffering from wasps in either your home or business then we can help. Getting professional pest control in Surrey is vital. Our firm has the necessary protective gear needed to remove a wasps nests. We also have access to methods which prevent the wasps from ever returning. With our help you can eliminate these pests for good, and enjoy peace and quiet again. Remember, while you may be tempted to remove wasps using DIY methods, this really isn’t advised. Wasps can become highly aggressive when disturbed. Save yourself the time, hassle, and pain of wasp removal. Call us today and let the experts handle this problem.