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Ants driving you crazy? We can help with ant control in Surrey

Ants are generally seen as a harmless pests. They are not known for spreading diseases or causing damage to your home. Instead, the problem with ants is that they are incredibly annoying. Anyone who has dealt with ants swarming through their kitchen will know what we are talking about. Put something down on your counter or floor and in moments it’s covered with ants. Over time this can become profoundly irritating, and eventually you’ll become sick to death of having ants in your home.

The problem is that ants are not easily got rid of. The reason why these pests are so irritating is because they are able to dig deep into the walls, cracks, and foundations of your home. It’s literally physically impossible to reach the ants, because they are hidden deep in the earth. No matter what you do, you cannot get hold of them. It’s almost as if these pests are sitting in a bomb shelter. This is also the reason why most ant poisons are completely useless.

What can homeowners do about ants?

Another issue with ants is that there are literally thousands of them in a single colony. Ant queens can lay as many as 800 eggs per day. This means that thousands of new ants can be produced per week. With this many insects it can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle.

With ants, prevention is better than cure. It’s important that you keep the ants out of your home in the first place. To do this you need to keep your home clean. Make sure that all food waste is cleaned up because this is what attracts ants in the first place. Also keep your kitchen floor and counters clean. Do not allow crumbs to accumulate because this will eventually draw ants.

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Our team is trained and qualified in the science of controlling insects. We understand what is needed to remove ants and get rid of them for good. The technicians at Surrey pest control have access to the latest cutting edge ant fighting technology. We also have access to the strongest pesticides. This is stuff which you’ll never see on the supermarket shelves. The poisons we use actually work and will devastate any ant colony which has taken root in your home.

To truly remove the ants you will need deep cleaning treatments with these pesticides and poisons. Over time this will gradually destroy any ants which are present in your home. Eventually the colony will collapse, and ants will no longer be a problem. Bear in mind that this takes time, and you may need repeated treatments.

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The bottom line is that ants do not have to be a fact of life. Many people reach a point where they give up and simply tolerate these insects. They accept that ants are simply a feature in their home and that nothing can be done about these pests.

Fortunately, that isn’t the truth. Like any other pest, ants can be destroyed by following a specific protocol for pest removal. We have access to the pesticides, procedures, and equipment needed to destroy these pests. Contact us today and we’ll have your home free of ants in no time at all.