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Struggling with bed bug control in Surrey? Here’s what you can do next

In our experience, bed bugs are some of the worst pests you’ll ever encounter. These bugs are known for causing severe psychological distress to homeowners. The reason why is simple. Once these bugs have infested your home, it’s almost impossible to get a good night’s sleep.

You will wake up every morning, covered in bites, and spend your days itching. Over time this can drive you completely insane. These pests may also make you feel dirty. They make a person feel as if they have done something wrong, and are somehow to blame for the bugs. What you have to realise is that this really isn’t true. Bed bugs are endemic to the UK and prevalent in all areas of Surrey. There’s very little you can do to prevent them. At some time or another most people have to deal with a beg bug infestation.

You don’t need to suffer with bed bugs

That being said, this isn’t something that you need to put up with. Bed bug removal is one of the most common problems which we deal with. Every week we go on multiple calls to houses that are infested with these bugs. What this means is that we are highly adept when it comes to bed bug removal. Our technicians can handle this problem quickly, efficiently, and in only a few hours from your call.

You may also benefit from cleaning. Start by removing your bedding and washing it. You will also want to wash and vacuum everything around your bed, and also underneath the bed. It also helps to leave your mattress outside for a few days. In many cases the bed bugs may simply crawl away. If the problem is particularly severe you may want to consider throwing your mattress away. Wrapping the mattress in plastic is another effective solution.

Heat treatments for bed bugs in Surrey

So how do you effectively remove bed bugs and keep them from coming back again? There are many options for doing this. In most cases you will benefit from fumigation. We can assist you with home fumigation and this will usually kill most bed bugs in the affected area.

However, by far the most effective cure for bed bugs is something known as heat treatments. This is a cutting edge pest control method which has become extremely popular in the last few years. It works by using a basic scientific principle. You see, it’s a known fact that no organic organism can withstand extreme temperatures. What this means is that at a high enough temperate bed bugs simply die. In fact, we use heat treatment for other insects as well. Flea control can be effectively dealt with in this way, as can moths.

Heat treatments eliminate bed bugs entirely

Heat treatment equipment fills the affected area with an incredibly hot vapour. When this comes into contact with the bed bugs they die instantly. This method has many advantages. The biggest is that it kills the bugs as well as their eggs and larvae. This means that the bugs do not come back. Other methods like fumigation only kill the bugs and this can be a problem.

Another advantage of heat treatments is that absolutely no pesticides are used. This is a huge advantage for people who do not like the idea of pesticides in their home. Also, because there are no pesticides used, it’s possible to reenter your home only hours after treatment is completed. The bottom line is that bed bugs are not something you have to endure. They can easily be removed, and are not nearly as big a problem as people think they are. For more help with this feel free to contact us today.