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While moths are an uncommon pest for many people, they do pop up from time to time. The reason why is simple. These pests are most often drawn by the presence of food. In this case food means the natural fibres our clothes, carpets, and upholstery is made from. Moths are famous for chewing holes through clothing. They most often target items made from wool, silk, cotton, and fur. Desperate moths will even eat synthetic materials.

This can lead to clothing, carpets, and furniture being damaged. Moths often hide in cupboards and this damage continues without you being aware of it. By the time you discover that there are moths it’s too late. And depending on the severity of the infestation, clothing and fabrics may have to be thrown out.

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Clothing (especially those made from moths preferred materials) is expensive. Not only that, do you really want unsightly holes in your carpets or furniture? Moths will ruin the resale value of these items. What’s more, you’ll may have to waste time and money replacing these items. Hiring a pest control company is so much cheaper.

Here at Pest Exterminators Surrey, we employ an experienced team of pest experts. Our technicians use the latest, up to the minute techniques of pest control. We can effortlessly assist you in preventing moths, and removing those which are already in your home. You don’t have to be a victim of moth infestations, and see your cherished garments destroyed. Contact our team for effective moth control.

Expert moth control for commercial properties

These pests can also be a problem for businesses. This often happens to people who work in the clothing, carpeting, or furniture business. These pests are drawn by the presence of various fabrics and can wreak havoc in your store. An infestation of moths could lead to thousands of pounds in lost stock, and create serious problems in your business.

Moths are also a problem for people in the storage business. In this case it’s critical that you implement anti-moth measures. Failing to do so can also lead to stored goods being damaged. This may become a serious issue if you are storing goods for clients. It can lead to a loss of business and damage to your reputation.

Like ant infestations, moths can also occasionally become a problem for people in the food industry. Aside from natural materials, these pests are also known to eat human food. For example, the pantry moth will attack grains, cereals, beans, flour, spices, and even chocolate. This can be problematic for people who manage restaurants. These pantry moths will often lay their eggs in food. This means the food is contaminated and must be thrown out. As a restaurant owner, we’re sure this is something you’d like to avoid.

Moth control in Surrey that works

All of these problems and more can be avoided with the help of pest controllers Surrey. Our skilled technicians can assist you in identifying the signs of moths. From there we can exterminate these pests and also make sure they never return.

Don’t let moths get you down! While this problem may seem like the end of the world it really isn’t. Even the worst moth infestations can be taken care of in no time at all. With our technical know-how, your moths will soon be a thing of the past. Contact Surrey pest control for expert advice on moth extermination.