Which Summer Pests Cause Most Problems

Summer is boom time for pests. During this period they emerge out of hibernation to wreak havoc in your home. The increased heat also makes it easier for pests to breed, which is why their numbers often increase dramatically. But which summer pests cause the most problems. Also, what can you do about these pests? 

summer pests

are four summer pests that are known to cause headaches for homeowners. These include the following: 

1. Flies 

Flies can become a serious issue during summer. This is mostly because of increased temperatures. The hotter it is, the faster that flies can breed. Flies can also become an issue because people are eating outdoors during summer, as they are harmful kitchen pests. Anyone who has picnicked or barbequed in summer will know that flies can quickly become a nightmare. The easiest way to deal with this is simply by setting up fly traps in your garden. These can be highly effective and will take care of your problems with flies.

summer flies

2. Moths 

The problem with moths and summer is that female moths drastically increase the amount of eggs that they lay. This means that the moth population increases exponentially. Another issue is when you’re sitting outside enjoy the warm summer evenings. Everyone knows that moths are attracted to light bulbs. This means that your summer evenings can easily be ruined by these irritating pests. In terms of indoor pests though, moth eggs hatch in warm weather, then the caterpillars come out of their chrysalises to become moths. The new female moths lay more eggs, and the cycle continues. Remember that moths can cause a lot of damage 

summer moths

3. Ants

Ants are one of the few insects that do actually go into a type of hibernation. When it’s cold ants hide away in their nests and survive on previously stored food. They cluster together in large groups and this helps them maintain body heat. Once summer rolls around again, they emerge in search of food. This means that increased numbers of ants can suddenly appear from one day to the next. To prevent this you need to keep your home clean. Doing this will ensure that ants move onto some other source of food.  

summer ants

4. Wasps  

These summer pests can cause huge problems for home and business owners. This is especially true if you’re eating outside or run a beer garden. Wasps are quickly attracted by the smell of food and also by barbecues. If you do have wasps, and especially if you have a wasps’ nest, then it’s highly recommended that you hire professional help. Effective pest control can be found this way. This is not something that you want to deal with yourself. Removing a wasps’ nest is highly dangerous and difficult. You can easily be stung and may end up in hospital.


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