Do Cockroaches Pose A Health Threat?

Many animals and insects are classed as pests. This is mainly because these creatures pose a threat to humans. For example, many pests spread diseases which can make humans seriously ill, or even kill them. Included on this list are cockroaches. But why do cockroaches pose a threat, and what can you do about this?

cockroaches pose a threat

Why cockroaches pose a threat to humans

Cockroaches are literally filthy. These pests live, eat, and feed on filth. What this also means is that cockroaches are generally covered in things like bacteria and germs. Whenever they walk across a surface these are left behind.

This is especially dangerous if cockroaches are walking across food, and then you eat that food. It’s also dangerous if they get into stored food and then contaminate it. This is why cockroaches are famous for spreading things like salmonella, dysentery, and other gastrointestinal issues. It’s also why cockroaches pose a threat which should not be underestimated, and why businesses should have a pest control contract.

stomach pain

Along with this, cockroaches also spread more serious diseases. These pests are capable of infecting you with more than a dozen conditions. These include things like typhoid fever. Also, believe it or not, these pests are even known to spread leprosy and the bubonic plague. Most terrifying is that some cockroaches may even carry viruses like polio, as well as the eggs of parasitic worms. As you can see, cockroaches pose a threat to humans and must be eliminated.

Can humans be allergic to cockroaches?

Something else that is equally worrying, is that many people are allergic to cockroaches. If you are allergic to these common food pests, you’ll experience asthma and flu like symptoms. You could even go into anaphylactic shock. If a person has an allergic reaction to something, they have not been able to identify – they should consider whether it is cockroaches.


Another, more obscure reason why these pests are dangerous, is because they affect your mental health. No one wants to share living space with cockroaches. These pests are stress inducing. Living with them will eventually wear your down and create feelings of depression and despondency which is why we offer 24 hour pest control.

Finally, while cockroaches are not known for causing damage, they can still be destructive. It’s usually their eating habits that cause us pain. Food is expensive and no one wants to throw out their shopping because cockroaches got into them. Ultimately, cockroaches pose a threat to humans and must be destroyed. The best way of doing this is by keeping your home clean and storing food properly. Unfortunately, this is not always enough and you may have to call in pest control. Remember, these pests are dangerous, so do this before you suffer the negative effects of cockroaches.


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