Top Five Dangerous Spring Insects To Look Out For

spring wasp

Spring is the time for insects. This is when insects come out of hibernation, their eggs hatch, and when you may also have to deal with infestations. Not only that, did you know that certain spring insects can actually be dangerous? It’s true. In fact, here are a few that you should probably watch out for.

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How Do You Stop Clothes Moth Infestations?


Can you actually stop moth infestation? These pests are enormously destructive. They’re capable of completely destroying beloved items of clothing. Not only that, if you’re a business person, these pests can cost you thousands of pounds. The point is this: it’s extremely important that you’re aware of moths.

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Will Seasonal Decluttering Deter Mice?


Mice are a huge problem for many homeowners. These pests may be cute but cause untold problems and once they’ve taken hold, they are almost impossible to get rid of. This is why you must do everything you can to deter mice. One of the best ways to do this is by decluttering your home. There are many good reasons for this as you are about to see.

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How To Deter Foxes Without Harming Them

deter foxes

Foxes can become an enormous problem for homeowners. These animals cause substantial damage. They tear up lawns and flowerbeds, and tunnel beneath fences. In addition to this, they also tear apart garbage and leave a huge mess all over the place. But how can you deter foxes and prevent this from happening? More importantly, how can you do this without harming them?  

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Which Businesses Need Pest Contracts?

pest contracts

Should your business invest in pest control, or investigate pest contracts? Is this something you really need, or is it just another pointless expenditure? You see, pest control is a major undertaking for many businesses. These businesses spend thousands on pest control each year and are constantly fighting against this problem. But there’s a good reason for this, as you are about to see.

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Can You Prevent Rodents From Getting Indoors?

prevent rodents

Rodents are a major headache for many home and business owners. As well as being a nuisance, these pests can spread disease and cause extensive damage. Not only that, getting rid of them is a pain. With all this in mind, can you actually prevent rodents from getting into your property? The answer is YES. Simply follow these tips and you’ll be rodent free in no time.

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Can Pest Control Get Rid Of Silverfish?

get rid of silverfish

Silverfish are those small crawling insects you often see on your carpets. They are easy to identify due to their silver colour and distinctive fish-like shape. The good news, when it comes to these pests, is that they are mostly harmless.

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Is Bed Bug Heat Treatment Permanent?

insect heat treatment

Is bed bug heat treatment permanent? This is one of the questions we’re most often asked. You see, ordering one of these treatments is a massive undertaking. As well as the money involved, you’ll also have to prepare your home, and get through the actual treatment itself.

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Avoiding Pests In The Festive Season


Avoiding pests is difficult at the best of times. Doing this becomes even more challenging during the festive season. But why is this? Well, you’re about to find out, Christmas presents its own unique challenges, when it comes to pest control.

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Which Household Insects Survive In Winter?

winter home

All household insects have a strategy for surviving winter. Some insects lay eggs or larvae and die off. Others go into a type of hibernation and become dormant, or less active. This is great news for homeowners because it means you’ll no longer have to deal with these pests. Unfortunately, there are some pests who are completely unaffected by the winter. In fact, these pests can actually become more of a nuisance as it gets colder.

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