Be Aware Of Places You Can Pick Up Bed Bugs

Where can you pick up bed bugs? This might sound strange, but these pests have no gone mainstream. What we mean is this: bed bugs are no longer something that you only pick up in hotel rooms. Due to their incredible numbers, it’s now possible to find these bugs almost anywhere. Here are some common and strange places where you can now pick up bed bugs.

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The most common places where people pick up bed bugs 

Public transport is riddled with bed bugs. This mostly incudes trains and buses. When using these forms of public transport, it’s best that you be aware if you sit down. Also watch out for taxis. it doesn’t matter how clean the mode of transport may be. There’s always the possibility that bed bugs could be present. This could even include things like aeroplanes (believe it or not).

Also watch out for public buildings. If you’re sitting for long periods in a waiting room, then be careful. Whether that’s at a hospital, library or wherever. There’s a good chance that bed bugs may have crawled onto your clothing. So, check yourself after arriving back at home. You can also include commercial buildings (like banks) on this list, if it is somewhere you sit down. Because of how common bed bugs are, we offer 24 hour pest control.


Places with bed bugs you might not have thought of

Something else you should watch out for are other people’s houses. The sad reality is that many of your friends and family could have bed bugs. This means you can easily pick up bed bugs when visiting. This is especially true if you’re spending the night. If you do stay the night, then make sure to check yourself when returning home afterwards as a good bed bug control method.

What should also be included in this section are children’s sleepovers. If groups of children are getting together, there’s a higher-than-average chance of bed bugs. At least one of the children may come from a home that has bed bugs. These can easily be transferred to your child. Stop your child at the door when they come back from the sleepover. Wash all of their clothing and check the creases and crevices in their bag for these bugs.

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Finally, it’s also possible to pick up bed bugs at parks and outdoor areas. Most people don’t realise this, but these bugs do actually live outdoors. For example, you could be sitting in a park for a concert or having a picnic. This gives these pests more than enough time to crawl onto your clothing and end up in you needing a bed bug heat treatment. Another example is if you’re walking through long grass, or something like that. Basically, be careful any time you’re sitting or lying outside. Look for bed bugs and ticks and check yourself after going home.


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