Does Heat Treatment Work For Other Insects?

Insect heat treatment is an exciting new method of extermination with many benefits. The biggest of these is that it kills 100% of insects, while using no pesticide. This method of pest control is usually advertised as a solution for bed bugs. But does heat treatment work for other insects?

What can be killed with insect heat treatment?

The theory behind this method of pest control is simple. Basically, no living creature can withstand extreme temperatures. There is a point at which everything dies, even bacteria and viruses.

cockroach on floor

The scientists who work on these issues have studied this subject in depth. They have determined the various temperatures at which certain pests simple die. For example, bed bugs die at 40-50 degrees Celsius.

The reason why insect heat treatment is so exciting is because it has so many advantages. One of these is that you no longer need pesticides to kill pests. What this really means is that you don’t have to have your home filled with poisons. Many pests are also resistant to pesticides, which is why this method is now preferred. No pesticides also mean you can go back home immediately after the treatment is completed. With some pesticides you would have to wait days until it was safe again. What this also means is that heat treatments are perfect for people with pets or small children.

As we’ve said, insect heat treatment also kills all bed bugs. This includes adult insects, their larvae, and also eggs. Many pest control methods only kills the mature bugs. The problem is that their eggs soon hatch and the infestation starts all over again.

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But what people really want to know is what kinds of insects can be killed by insect heat treatment. The answer is that any type of bug can be exterminated. This includes things like fleas, cockroaches, moths, ants, bed bugs, and more.

What should you if you need a heat treatment?

Unfortunately, this method does require professional help. It’s not as simple as turning up the heat in your flat, or pointing a hair dryer at pests. Heat treatment requires sophisticated equipment which produces a superheated dry vapour. This equipment is extremely expensive and out of the reach of most ordinary people.

insect heat treatment

It also requires professional pest technicians who know how to operate these machines for 100% effectiveness. Most importantly, these technicians are required to seal off parts of your home, so they can be treated with heat.

Our technicians are trained to use these devices and can exterminate all types of vermin with heat treatments. If you’re experiencing problems with the any of the above listed pests then contact us now for more information.



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