The 3 Most Common Invading Rodents

Invading rodents can become a tremendous problem for businesses and also homeowners. While all rodents can come onto properties, there are only three you really have to worry about. These are mice, rats, and squirrels. There are certain problems associated with each of these pests. Along with this there are also specific reasons why they may come onto your property.

1. Mice

Mice cause a multitude of issues. The primary issue with these invading rodents is that they steal your food. Even as few as a dozen surprise mice can run rampant through your home, and empty out your kitchen.

mouse rodent

These pests also cause damage when searching for nesting materials. They will rip up and steal anything that is made from cardboard or soft materials.

Another issue is defecation and urination. These animals do this hundreds of times a day, which can cause an immense mess. They also breed like wildfire and can multiply exponentially. These pests usually get into your home through small cracks, holes, and gaps. Mice can do this because they are so small. They can also flatten and elongate their bodies. In fact, it’s said that mice can squeeze through a hole as small as your thumb.

2. Rats

The issue with rats is that they have to constantly gnaw on something. This is because their teeth never stop growing. This means that rats have to chew in order to keep their teeth filed down. This is a huge problem for property owners and for businesses. These invading rodents will go through metal, wood, brick, and concrete like a hot knife through butter. Over time this can cause thousands of pounds of damage.

rodent rat

But that’s not all. These pests also carry deadly diseases. This includes conditions like salmonella, that can be easily spread to humans. Like mice, these rodents get into your home through gaps and cracks in walls. They also love to crawl up drains and gutters. That being said, because they are not as small as mice, they do require larger entry points.

3. Squirrels

These invading rodents usually enter the home through your roof and can cause a lot of dangerous problems. They enjoy nesting in attics during the colder months. Squirrels usually get into your attic by using branches that overhang your roof. They climb onto the roof, drop down and then find a hole to enter through.

rodent squirrel

Once inside they can also cause immense damage. This usually happens through the building of nests. They may break off pieces of your roof when building these nests. These pests gnaw on things like roof beams. They are also known to defecate in high volumes.


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