9 Surprising Myths About Mice

Like any industry, there are many myths surrounding pest control. These myths usually centre around the pests themselves and have to do with their behaviour. For example, here are nine interesting myths about mice.

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1. Mice only come out at night

One of the most common myths about mice is that they are strictly nocturnal animals. And while this is true to a certain extent, mice are more than happy to move about during the day. It all depends on their needs.

2. Mice can’t swim

Mice are highly adept when it comes to swimming. These animals are able to swim long distances and can handle water, no matter how deep it is. They are even able to swim through fast moving water.

3. If you see one mouse, you only have one

Many people may spot one mice in their home and believe that the mouse is by itself. This is never the case. Remember, mice are not solitary creatures and live together in large numbers. This means that if you see one mouse, you’re almost guaranteed to have dozens and need professional mouse control.

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4. Mice don’t fight

Mice are often seen as gentle creatures. This isn’t true at all and these animals are often extremely vicious. In fact, they are known to fight amongst each other for everything from food, to shelter, and even mates.

5. Having a cat or dog will sort out the problem

Our relationship with cats began due to the presence of mice in human settlements. These animals were attracted because of the easy availability of food and over time became domesticated. This isn’t the case today. Some people find their pet cats (and some breeds of dog) are sufficient to keep mice out. However, modern cats are pampered beyond belief and have very little interest in hunting for food. The same goes for dogs. So they’re not a form of effective rodent control.


6. Mice can’t fit in a small hole

Did you know that mice have rib cages that can collapse? This enables them to fit through incredible small spaces, often as small as 5mm.

7. Mice love cheese

Out of all the myths about mice, this is probably the biggest. Believe it or not mice don’t actually like cheese. Yes they’ll eat it, but most prefer sugary and salty foods. This is why they go for things like peanut butter, fruit and nuts. A mouse exterminator will never use cheese as bait.


8. Mice can’t climb

Ever wonder how mice get into your roof? It’s because they are capable of climbing up anything. Your home might become their playground. They will try to find their way up on to counters and tables, especially if there is food there.

9. Mice pose no threat

One of the most stupid myths about mice is that they are harmless or “cute.” This is complete nonsense. The reason why is because these pests spread deadly diseases. They also cause immense damage and can pose a fire risk.


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