How Do Professionals Get Rid Of Mice?

Mice are one of the most well-known pests. There are millions of these animals in houses across the UK, meaning you’ll probably have to deal with them at some time. That being said, removing these pests isn’t that difficult. Pest controllers have it down to a finely honed science. That being said, how do exterminators get rid of mice?

get rid of mice

Pest technicians get rid of mice effectively

When they need to get rid of mice, technicians will implement the following steps.

  1. Surveying

First of all, pest technicians conduct a thorough survey of the property so you should call them right away. They mostly involves gathering intelligence needed to defeat the mice. Technicians will look for signs of mice, places where they get in, and routes used to move around the property.


They also try to determine the size of the infestation. This is important when determining how to get rid of mice. Finally, they try to find where the mice are actually living.

  1. Finding entry points

One of the most vital activities in effective rodent control is discovering where the pests are gaining access. After all, pest control is useless if new pests can simply move back in. To prevent this, technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of the property. This includes the outer perimeter as well as the inside, and also places like sewerage systems.

sewage system

Other entry points include areas like cracks in walls, pipes, and other gaps. When these are found they will be sealed up. Technicians may also install things like drain blockers, that prevent mice from entering through pipes.

  1. Setting traps

To truly get rid of mice you usually have to set traps. Today’s mice traps are highly sophisticated and also technologically advanced. They consist of a large black box that is filled with poison. This is completely enclosed, which means poison cannot be removed (this makes the traps safer).

bait box in surrey garden

The only entry point is a small hole in the side through which mice enter. What generally happens is that mice enter the trap and consume the poison. From there they travel back to their nests and die. These traps are highly efficient, and can decimate even the largest mice population in no time at all. Live capture traps can also be used.

  1. Preventing re-infestation

Preventing re-infestation is something you should keep in mind. No one wants to go through the trouble of getting in pest control, and then going back to square one. The best way to prevent re-infestation with higher rodent activity is to stop attracting mice. You do this by keeping your home clean.

That being said, even the cleanest homes can attract mice. This is why you should have periodic checkups. If you’re a business, consider taking out a pest control contract. On the other hand, private homeowners could hire pest control every 6-12 months.


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