Are Rats a Risk to Your Business?

Rats are a serious problem for many businesses. In fact, according to experts, these pests cause more than a billion pounds of damage per year. This takes the form of damaged stock and property. But are rats a risk to your business and if so, what can you do about this?

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What can rats get up to when it comes to food?

Answering the question, “are rats a risk to your business?” largely depends on the type of business you’re in. You see, rats only target certain types of businesses. This mostly includes business that provide for their needs. For example, rats are primarily looking for food. This means they target any business that has to do with food.

This includes things like restaurants, takeaways, food carts, and also shops that sell food. Rats can also affect food processing plants and businesses that store food. But why are rats a risk to these businesses? Mostly because they eat away at your food stocks. This can cause immense financial damage, plus it’s highly irritating. Another problem with rats and food businesses is contamination. Rats are filthy creatures. They are riddled with diseases, which can be contracted by humans.

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Harmful kitchen pests spread this disease and filth whenever contact is made with food. Not only do you have to then throw out this food, but your customers can also become seriously ill. This can result in financial penalties from health inspectors and also destroy the reputation of your business. Many successful businesses have gone bust because they did not pay attention to their rat problem.

What else are rats attracted by?

As well as searching for food, rats also need building material for nests. They are mostly looking for soft materials such as clothing, cardboard, foam, paper, etc. Many consumer goods contain these materials. Actually, if you think about it most things come in cardboard. This means that anything stored in cardboard could be attacked and destroyed by rats. Also, if you sell clothing, then rats will go after that as well. This means that almost any business could be at risk of rat invasions and commercial pest problems.

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The final thing that rats are looking for are comfortable places to nest. They seek dark, hidden away places, where humans seldom go. The problem here, is that once rats move in, they damage the surrounding area. This is done through nest building and gnawing on absolutely everything. If your business has places such as these, then rats could pose a risk.

Are rats a risk to your business? Hopefully this article will help to answer your question. That being said, if you’re still uncertain feel free to get in contact with us or call an exterminator. Our team can do a thorough inspection of your business and determine if rats should be a concern.


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