Do Rats Carry Fleas And Spread Them?

Do rats carry fleas? The unfortunate answer is yes. What you have to understand is that there are dozens of reasons why these animals are considered pests. The big ones are that they cause damage and steal food. Another reason is because they spread disease. Along with this, rodents are also riddled with parasites and insects.

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When do rats carry fleas how do these spread?

Most rats are infected with tapeworms and pinworms. This is why you should never touch a rodent directly. Also avoid touching their faeces and nests. Something else that rats carry are ticks and fleas. Of these, fleas are far more prevalent.

This is mostly because rats live so close together. This means they spread fleas amongst themselves and then to us, with fleas posing a danger to humans. What this also means is that, if you have rats, there’s a good chance you’ll soon have fleas. Now, this isn’t always the case.

If nearby rodents carry fleas but live at a distance, for instance in your roof or walls, the fleas may never spread. On the other hand, rodents who enter your living space could potentially drop fleas. A good example this is when rats run across floors and carpets. In this case, fleas may jump off and take up residence on your carpet.

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Can a trapped rat spread fleas around?

Another example is if you’ve trapped rats. When the rats carry fleas and die in the traps, the fleas will leave it’s body and spread into your home. The solution to this is to obviously prevent rodents. You do this by making your home unattractive. Start by getting rid of their food source. This means keeping your kitchen clean and keeping food under lock and key. Also make sure that bins are routinely emptied.

Along with that, for extra pest control maintenance, you should seal up all entrance points into your home. Traps can be placed if you can do so safely (if children or pets are not in any danger). Unfortunately, this may not be enough to solve the problem.


Despite your best attempts, rats and mice could still get in. If these rodents carry fleas, then you’ll have to take further action such as getting a heat treatment for insects. The first thing you want to do is vacuum as often as possible. This helps to get rid of fleas’ eggs and larvae. You should also wash your curtains and soft furnishings as often as possible. This also helps to get rid of fleas. If your pets are scratching, then get advice from your vet.

Finally, if none of this works, get a heat treatment. This is a highly effective method for destroying fleas. It’s 100% effective and can solve your problem in just a few hours which is why we offer 24 hour pest control. Even better, there are no pesticides or poisons used.


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