Why Do We Use Heat Treatment For Insects?

Pest fighting technology is constantly advancing. The latest advancement is heat treatment for insects. This technique is now wildly popular amongst both consumers and pest controllers. In fact, it’s now considered the “gold standard” when it comes to eliminating insect pests. But why is this method for popular. Here are just a few of the reasons:

heat treatment for insects

Why are heat treatment for insects so popular?

To put it politely, this method is vastly superior to other methods of insect pest control. This is mostly because heat treatment for insects has a number of advantages. The biggest of these is that heat machines do not use any pesticides, chemicals or poisons. Plus it gets rid of insects that pose a danger to humans.

How these machines work is simple. They are based on a straightforward scientific principle. Different pests can survive at certain temperatures. When it gets hot enough, the pest will die. For example, bed bugs die when exposed to temperatures of 45°C for at least 90 minutes. Cockroaches die when exposed to temperatures of about 49°C for 5-6 hours. Basically, for every type of insect, there is a temperature that kills them.

heat treatment for insects

What this also means is that when pest extermination professionals use heat treatment for insects it kills everything. This includes the pests, their eggs, larvae, and nymphs. This is an enormous benefit. The issue with many forms of pest control is that it’s only the adult pests that are killed. This means that when eggs hatch, the problem begins all over again.

Why is fumigation going out of fashion?

Not using pesticides is another advantage besides killing pests. You don’t have to go back to a property that is covered in poisons. This is a lot better for your health. In addition to this, you don’t have to worry about your children or pets being accidently poisoned. There’s also far less preparation and clean-up involved in our 24 hour pest control services. Yes, you will need to prepare your home for this method, but there’s a lot less work to do.


Due to this, heat treatment for insects is also a lot faster. One other advantage is that heat destroys mould, viruses, bacteria and dust mites. All in all, this is now the preferred method for getting rid of insects. Heat treatments will leave you home feeling fresh, sparkling clean, and free of all insects. The only real disadvantage is that this method does not work for rodents. These pests are good at escaping and will simply leave the area when heat is applied.

Bottom line, when compared to something like fumigation, or pesticides, there’s really no contest. These methods are antiquated and are now used less and less often. You had to deal with chemicals getting everywhere in your home. They also meant that you had to spend more time preparing the property and cleaning up afterwards. Heat treatments are better for the health of your family, will safeguard your pets and are more effective.


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