Can You Get Fleas In Your Home With No Carpets?

Why are their fleas in your home? Most of the time, it’s because your pets have brought them in from outside. From there, fleas jump onto your carpets and begin breeding. But is this always the case and what if you have no carpets in your home? Can you still get fleas? The answer is yes and here’s why.

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I don’t have carpets so why are their fleas in my home?

Understand that fleas in your home do not necessarily have to live on carpets. The only reason why they prefer carpets is because carpets are similar to animal fur. That being said, fleas will live anywhere.

These pests are ultimately looking for anywhere that is dark and warm when they are carried and spread into our homes. They also look for humidity. These types of places provide them with shelter and a place to lay their eggs. Fleas in your home also prefer to live in areas which are close to their food source. This is why you often find them near your pets and in your living room.

The point is that fleas do not need to live on carpets. For example, one place that fleas enjoy living is pet bedding. This provides easy access to food. Along with this, they can also live in crevices around the home. Fleas in your home love the shelter, dark, and warmth that crevices provide.

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Where do fleas hide in breed if there are no carpets?

Other places they live include furniture, upholstery, and soft furnishings. You may even find fleas living in thick curtains and wall hangings. The bottom line is that, just because you don’t have carpets, doesn’t mean you won’t get fleas.

Despite this, it does give you an advantage because no carpets mean fleas are easier to find. In this situation, there are only a few places where the fleas can live. It’s most likely that they have burrowed into the crevices around your living room. If it’s not that, then they’re living in your sofa, pillows or blankets.

To get rid of these fleas, start by sealing up all crevices. Next, wash pet bedding and treat your animals according to the vet’s advice. Also vacuum your sofa and wash your soft furnishings. Pillows and blankets can be left outside in the sun or washed or vacuumed as well. Heat treatment is a great weapon against insects like fleas.

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It’s best to vacuum as often as possible when dealing with fleas. Ideally, you’ll want to do this every day, or at least twice a week. If you keep up with this, you’ll eventually get rid of your fleas, hopefully. Make sure to always safeguard pets during treatment.

Also note that if fleas are in your home, then they’re probably in your garden as well. Fleas love long grass and wild, untamed gardens. The best thing to do here is trim back your garden, and make sure that grass is kept short.


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