Why Summer Pest Control Is Vital

There’s nothing quite like the glorious English summer, is there? It’s a time for kicking back and enjoying evening meals outside, as well as picnics and barbecues with friends. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. The reason why is because summer is also a time for pests. This is when their eggs hatch and they come out of harass people and make their lives a misery.

summer pest control

This is why eliminating summer pests is vitally important. But what do you need to know about this topic and how can you implement a summer pest control program?

Food, drink and pests 

As we’ve said, summer is when you’ll want to enjoy barbecues, al fresco dining and picnics. The problem is that these involve food, and this can quickly attract pests. The two biggest culprits are flies and wasps.  

When summer rolls around wasps emerge from hibernation, build nests, and begin to multiply. These pests are attracted to things like meat and fizzy drinks. This means they can wreak havoc with your barbecue. Another problem when it comes to summer pest control are flies.  

summer dining

These pests are also attracted to food and are able to greatly increase their number during summer months. The reason why is because they breed faster during warmer months. In fact, you’ve probably noticed that flies often come into the house during summer.

How to help yourself  

So, what can you do about this? The best solution for pest control is to pest proof your house. Simply place screens over your doors and windows. This should help with the majority of pest issues. You’ll want to do this right at the start of summer before the issue gets out of hand. If you’re sitting outside, then citronella candles and bug zappers are also a great idea.

summer window

Something else that you might want to investigate want to try is spring cleaning. This is a great way to prevent Summer pests and also reinvigorate your home for summer. When it starts getting warm go through your house and deep clean everything.

This is a great time to wash and air bedding and also clothes that have been packed away. You should also vacuum and scrub every part of your home. Wash your carpets, take down curtains, and don’t forget to get into corners. Something else you may want to do is clean beneath large pieces of furniture. Pests can often hide there for years without you knowing.

outdoor drying

Finally go through your home and break up piles of clutter. Try to throw everything that you no longer use or need. Doing this will create a wonderful ambiance in your home and also get you ready for summer guests.


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