Why Are Wasps Still Around In Autumn?

It often seems as if wasps in autumn as more active and aggressive. These pests are a terrific nuisance all year round. They can ruin summer barbecue’s and make sitting in your garden a nightmare. But for some reason, they become even more of a pest during autumn. Why is this and what can you do about it?

wasp nest

What you should know about wasps in autumn

The reason why wasps in autumn as so vicious is simply because of their lifespan.  Like most pests, wasps live their lives in specific cycles. This cycles around winter. As it gets colder, the wasp drones die off.

The queen then leaves the nest and finds a place to hide during winter. Most of these queens actually die (many of them are eaten by spiders.) The ones that survive lay eggs. These hatch and the new wasps develop into drones who then rebuild the nest. Summer passes, and as winter approaches, the cycle begins again.

These means several things when it comes to wasps in autumn. First, it’s during this period that the population peaks. The queens lays eggs all summer and spring (as many as 300 per day.) The wasp population therefore grows bigger and bigger as autumn approaches.


What are wasps in autumn up to?

What also happens is that these wasps need more and more food. It also becomes harder and harder for them to find food as winter approaches – and especially during autumn. This is why wasps in autumn as such a menace.

By this time there are hundreds, even thousands of these creatures and all of them are desperately looking for food. So, what can you do about this? Not much really. Wasps are extremely dangerous and should not be interfered with. Remember, these pests are starved for food and this makes them even more aggressive than usual. This is why it’s an extremely bad idea to approach them or knock the nest down to remove a wasp nest yourself.

wasp food

The good news is that this is the last time you’ll see these harmful kitchen pests until it’s spring again. At some point the nest will be empty. The only problem here, is that wasps often come back to the same area. So, what you might want to do is block off the area.

If you’re lucky, the wasps may avoid that spot in the future. They may also build a nest nearby. In this scenario, it’s best to call pest control. We can safely remove the nest and take measures to stop them returning. This will prevent the wasps from rebuilding their nest and keep them out of the area.


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