How To Keep Restaurants Pest Free

It’s critically important that you keep pests out of your restaurant. Pests can create many problems and are a risk to your business. This includes contaminating food and spreading diseases. Not only that, they can also damage the reputation of your restaurant. In this article you’ll learn how to keep restaurants pest free. Plus, what to do if you do find pests in your restaurant.

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How is your food stored? 

The first thing you need to do to keep restaurants pest free is store your food properly.  Food should never be left out, otherwise pests will eventually eat it. Instead, all food should be kept in sealable plastic containers.

This includes everything, even food that is in boxes or packets. Unless it’s in a tin or jar, the food should be decanted into something, or the packets stored inside a container. These containers must then be stored in cupboards or pantries that close tightly. Storage areas should also be kept tidy and neat. Do not let old or expired food sit in your pantry. Also make sure to clean the shelves and floor of your pantry from time to time. Do not let food debris sit in your pantry.

How to clean in order to avoid pests in the kitchen area

The next thing to do for commercial pest control, if you want to keep restaurants pest free, is to maintain hygiene. Ideally, your restaurant should be completely spotless. This means wiping down all surfaces once the kitchen closes. When doing this use some kind of antibacterial spray. Along with that, you need to clean your floors.

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In addition to this, you should perform deep cleaning as often as possible to avoid harmful kitchen pests. Try to do this at least once a week or month. The most important thing to do here is clean beneath things. Over time food will fall behind large appliances and counters. This will usually go unnoticed and attract pests.

In order to keep restaurants pest free, you also need to take care of your rubbish. Many restaurants often allow large amounts of rubbish to accumulate. You cannot let this happen and should throw away your rubbish as often as possible. Rubbish must also be kept in tightly sealed bins. These bins should also be routinely washed. Over time they will accumulate food waste, and this will attract pests.

Further steps you should take

Implementing these tips will go a long way towards preventing pests. Unfortunately, there is only so much you can do. This is why it’s so important that you also use anti-pest measures. This should include things like zappers for flies. Along with this, you should have pest control company on call. Have these people come around from time to time and carry out pest prevention measures. This way you have the best chance of having a pest free restaurant.


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