Beware of Unregistered Pest Controllers

There are many important considerations to make when hiring a pest technician. These include things like their rates, availability, whether they have insurance and so forth. Something else you have to think about is this: are you hiring a registered pest controller?

unregistered pest controllers

There are dozens of reasons why this is important. For example, hiring unregistered pest controllers can result in the following problems:

The dangers of unregistered pest controllers  

To start with, what do we mean by registered vs. unregistered pest controllers? If someone is registered, it essentially means they have all the necessary paperwork and accreditation needed to perform their job.

In the case of professional pest controllers this means belonging to the BPCA and other pest associations. These are respectively, the BPCA and NPTA. In case you don’t know these are the British Pest Control Association and National Pest Technicians Associations

proper qualifications

But why this is so important? Also, why should you avoid unregistered pest controllers who do not belong to these associations? First, and foremost, to practice pest control in the UK you need a license. These licenses can only be obtained from associations and it’s critical that the technicians have one. The reason why is simple. Pest technicians deal with profoundly hazardous chemicals. The purpose of a license is to ensure that the technicians know how to use these chemicals. Not only that, it also ensures that they are used safely.

Unregistered v registered pest controllers

As you can imagine this is extremely important. You want to calling an exterminator who could place yourself, your family, and also your pets in harm’s way. After all, improperly used pesticides can result in sickness! On the other hand, a registered technician knows how to use these chemicals. They also know how to use them in a way that effectively kills your pests. In addition to this, a registered technician is guaranteed to have up to date knowledge and skills. This is just another benefit of hiring someone who belongs to a pest association.

safety importance

There are further reasons why you should avoid unregistered pest controllers. The biggest reason is that there are stringent requirements to receiving your license. If the person does not have a license, there’s a good chance they may have done something. This may include accidents or mismanagement of chemicals. It could also mean the person has a criminal record or was in trouble with the authorities.

What you have to understand is that there are dozens of scammers and fly-by-night cowboys in this business. These people are highly experienced conmen. They dupe hundreds of people, and there is often very little recourse. The best way to avoid these people is to only hire 24 hour registered pest technicians. This way you’ll have peace of mind knowing the job will be done right.


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