Why Do Bees Need Protection?

Our company is often contacted by irate homeowners with bee problems. These homeowners want the nest removed or destroyed and need our help. In most cases we do not respond to these calls. But why is this? The reason why is quite simple: bees need protection not extermination.

Are bees an endangered species?

There are dozens of reasons why bees need protection. The biggest reason is simply because they are a highly endangered species. In fact, did you know there is now a phenomenon known as colony collapse disorder? 

bee on flower

This is basically when the worker bees in a colony abandon the queen and immature bees. When this happens the colony collapses and the queen eventually dies. Bees are also being killed directly by the use of certain pesticides in agriculture. 

This phenomenon is quite mysterious and no one really knows why it is happening. Some people have theorised that it’s because of the increased use of pesticides and fertilisers. No matter what the cause is, this is a serious problem. Colony collapse disorder has decimated bee populations all over the world, some by as much as 50%.

What are the benefits of bees? 

Another reason why bees need protection is because they are a vital part of the ecosystem. As most people know, bees perform a vital function in nature, which is to pollinate plants. They also pollinate many of the crops humans eat, which means we are reliant on them for our survival. 

pesticides sprayed on surrey fields

These crops include things like potatoes, strawberries, onions, broccoli, cabbages, and many more. Without the help of bees we simply would not be able to grow these crops.

A good reason why bees need protection is also because they are peaceful creatures. For example, compare bees to wasps. Bees will rarely attack people and only do so in extreme circumstances. This is why bee keepers can usually do the work they do without being stung. On the other hand, wasps are highly aggressive, and attack anyone who gets near their nest. Wasps are also highly annoying. If you’re eating outside, wasps will often come along and ruin your meal. Bees never do this and stick to flowers instead.  

bee problem

What should you do if you have a bee problem?

But what should you do if you’re dealing with bees on your property? Pest control companies like ours can help you with wasps and other pests. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about bees. In that situation, you’ll require the services of a trained beekeeper. If you need their services, it’s as easy as performing a Google search. There are more than likely one or two beekeepers in your area, and the internet can help you find them. These people have the skills and equipment need to safely remove the bees, and also do it without harming them.


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