Where Do House Mice Go During The Day?

House mice are a tremendous problem for homeowners. These pests cause enormous amounts of damage to your home and also spread diseases. The other problem with house mice is that they are nocturnal, which means (as a general rule) they only come out at night. This can make them extremely difficult to find during the day time. So where do these mice like to hide when it’s light out?

mice during the day

Where do house mice hide in your home?

Mice build nests. This is where they spend most of their time when not out looking for food and are active during the day. When building their nests, mice look for two things. First, they want a place that is sheltered and dark. Second, they want a place that is as far away from humans as possible.

You see, in the wild, mice have many predators, so protecting themselves from larger animals is a natural instinct. So, when looking for house mice, search in places that are out of the way.

This can include areas like your shed, garage, or even disused outside storage rooms. They can also live in lofts, attics, walls and drains. Mice can even live in overgrown gardens and then come into your home at night.

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Unexpected places mice might hide

What a lot of people also don’t realise is that house mice are often hidden in plain sight in UK homes. For example, these pests often use household clutter to build their nests. They love things like magazines, newspapers, cardboard boxes, sofa foam, string and so on. These are all excellent nest building materials.

What this means is that mice are often found in large piles of clutter. They could be living in this clutter, right under your nose, and you’d never know it. Remember, these pests can be extremely small, so don’t discount this. Decluttering can help deter mice.

This is the first place that you should start when looking for mice. Clean up all rubbish that is in your home. Take apart large piles of clutter and see what’s going on. Then look in disused places that you do not often go. This can include your shed, garage, attic and storage areas. Also look in cupboards that you don’t often open, especially kitchen cupboards.


You may be able to find where the mice hide during the day. However, these pests could be in an inaccessible area, such as your walls or a crawlspace. In this case, you may need professional help to find them. If you need assistance, call pest control services for problems with mice in your home.


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