Expert Moth Control Vs. Do It Yourself

While moths are not considered as dangerous pests, they can be a nuisance. Anyone who has discovered holes in their clothing will know this. But here’s the real question. At what point should you consider getting expert moth control? Is this something you can handle yourself or should you get expert advice  

Do you need expert moth control? 

The answer is that, in most cases, moth control is something that you can do yourself. As we’ve said, the reason for this is because moths are a relatively tame pest. For example, they do not spread deadly diseases. Also, moths will not cause widespread damage to your home.

heat treatment for moths

For example, they do not chew through electrical cables like rats. What this means is moths are not a problem that needs to be handled as if it’s an emergency. Expert moth control is very seldom required. It’s usually perfectly alright to handle this issue yourself, unless they are damaging more than clothes

The simplest way to do this is by leaving moth balls in drawers or in any place where clothes are stored. You may also want to place moth traps. These are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased from many places. Many of these are also eco-friendly and do not use poisons.

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By far the easiest way to deal with moths is by routinely inspecting cupboards and drawers. You should go through these at least one a year or bi-annually. Remove everything and check for moths. Also make sure to wash stored clothing. This helps to kill eggs and moths you may not have spotted. It also helps to clean and wash other fabric based items. This should include your carpets, curtains, and furniture. You may be able to clean these yourself, or hire professional cleaning. Basically, you should start by trying to solve this problem yourself. If the issue persists then consider hiring a professional.

Businesses and moth control – why do they need it?

While expert moth control is occasionally needed by private individuals, this service is most often utilised by businesses. This is especially true if you’re someone who retails any type of fabric product. This can include clothing stores and also people who sell curtains, carpets, furniture, or material.  

warehouse storage

The reason expert moth control is needed by these people is because there’s money on the line. If moths get at your products, you could end up losing thousands of pounds or more, which is why commercial pest control is so important. This is especially true if you have these items stored in a warehouse. People in these businesses often store items for months. If your business does this, then you may be in for a nasty surprise.  

The easiest way to handle this problem is simply by taking out a pest control contract. DIY pest control could end up costing you more. Once your do this, the pest control company will routinely inspect your premises and advise you. This prevents moths from doing damage and also saves you the trouble of doing this yourself.


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