Do Fake Garden Predators Scare Away Squirrels?

How easy is it to scare away squirrels? Some people recommend placing fake predators in your garden. This includes things like statues of owls and humans. But does this actually work, or are you wasting your money? Well, the answer is really yes and no.

scare away squirrels

Can you scare away squirrels with predator statues?

Squirrels are not known for their intelligence. This doesn’t mean they are complete idiots either. What we mean is this: it’s possible to scare away squirrels with fake garden predators to prevent them coming indoors, but it won’t work forever.

Depending on how realistic these statues seem, the squirrels may be fooled. It will also depend on the time of day. For example, if it’s dark, then the squirrel may be more likely to think the statue is real. The problem is that squirrels will quickly get used to these statues. Especially, if they continue to survive their encounters with the “predator.” After a while, these statues will no longer scare away squirrels. They will gradually lose their fear, and eventually ignore the statue.

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That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try out this technique to stop them driving you nutty, because it might work for you. Something you may want to do is move the statue around. Do not leave it in one place forever. Move it at least once a week.

Will anything else scare squirrels away?

There are also other things that will scare away squirrels. These include things that are shiny and reflective. You can hang old CDs in trees, bits of broken mirrors, and aluminium pie tins. These reflect light and this scares the squirrels.

Other things that work include pinwheels and garden spinners to stop squirrels damaging your garden. These move in the wind and this frightens squirrels. Noise will also chase away these pests. You can try placing wind chimes in the trees around your garden. It’s also possible to make a DIY noisemaker out of things like dog food cans, or bottle lids. Just search online and you’ll find instructions for doing this. Something else you can do is buy motion sensor noise makers off the internet (may annoy your neighbours though).

wind chime

Finally, if you have a serious infestation, then specialist pest control services may be necessary. Otherwise, things like motion activated sprinkler systems are said to be great for chasing away squirrels. All of these techniques will help to get rid of squirrels in your garden. What you should also consider is why squirrels are coming into your garden. This is usually because they have found a source of food. You need to remove this source of food. One of the biggest culprits here are bird feeders. You can place a baffle around your bird feeder. What no one wants is squirrels making their way into your loft space and building a nest. If you have concerns about this, call pest control.


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